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Moving Tips

Moving is a busy time for everyone, and here at Edge Residential Real Estate we pride ourselves on our ability to look after all your property sales requirements and liaisons with buyers, and making everything run as smoothly as possible.

Things to remember

  • If possible move on a weekday when banks, utilities and government offices are open.
  • Packing is an ideal time to declutter, you may require a skip to throw out unwanted items or organise a council pick-up
  • If doing your own packing, mark each box with its contents and destination room to ensure that you will know where each box belongs at your new home.
  • If appropriate, use a reputable moving company, one that will carefully pack your goods, store them, transport them and unpack them for you.

Utilities and Services

  • Re-direct mail with Australia Post
  • Inform telephone company of new address
  • Inform electricity company of new address
  • Inform gas company of new address
  • Inform cable TV company of new address
  • Inform your bank/credit card company of new address
  • Contact your home insurance company to transfer contracts
  • Cancel or re-direct all household deliveries, newspapers etc.


Moving Tips
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